Bumpy Books is a small press for children's books set up by illustrator and writer Matthew Hodson and designer Orlando Lloyd.

Bumpy Books is a open space for us to experiment and play with the picture book format away from the constraints and expectations of the marketplace. It is an opportunity for us to explore our creative interests and study the craft of picturebooking. 

We’re interested in the intersection between alternative zine publishing and children’s books, the performative experience of reading stories with children and the importance of absurdity and mischief.

Through our writing, drawing and design, our aim is to work instinctively and intuitively as we seek to retain the energy of a drawing or the vitality of a stupid joke. Our aim is to work with curiosity, risk and immediacy - as a child plays - to allow for learning through the process of trying. 

Hopefully, along the way we can make some weird books that kids love to read.



  • To be mindful of every child’s place in our world, their vitality, rights and brilliance. To make books that are inclusive and accessible to all.
  • To tell stories without pretence that seek to engage children in the moment and which are activated through their own curiosity and meaning making.
  • To tell stories which include incident, risk, danger and complexity; as the world we exist within does. To advocate for mischief and silliness as a gateway to criticality and to promote alternative ways of seeing. 
  • To make books that live long happy lives, made well from quality materials. Small books that fit into the lives of small people. Books that can and should be re-read and re-gifted many times over many years. To make books that feel good enough rather than excessive, taking cues from DIY zine and comics culture.
  • To make weird books that are fun to make and fun to read together.